Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

UK Elections

Just a funny thing: Today I learned two parties are dominating Great Britain, like totally. It's like the USA 2.0.

For some reason this really struck a chord with me, since it pains me seeing people punishing themselves so much.

I also learned: The UK doesn't have a constitution like we have, and parties can have millions of votes and only gain one seat in parliament if they're lucky.

From above, the UK looks like a weird dictatorship with a monarch on top. The people have to vote for a non-main party in such massive numbers it's hard to make any changes.

The UK election system is deeply flawed.

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015

University at Mad

Today is a great day! For two months, the brave students of the University of Applied Arts and Sciences Hannover have waited for their grads in Publishing Architectures to arrive!

And with great lateness, about halfway through the sign-up period for the exams of the following semester, they're here!

But minus the sarcasm, I'm glad this is done with. We were doing XMLs and stuffs to automatically create manuals for a full week, all day long -followed by building a manual for ourselves with what we learned about how DITA works.

It was nice enough to learn, I suppose. At least now if I get to work as a technical writer and my company is using this shit, I at least can work with it reasonably well. But man, cramming the material of an entire semester into a single week should be forbidden.

Now, my term paper had some serious weeknesses build on being overworked and stressed out in it, but it still got me a 2.0 and I will take it like a man. (I guess in the Anglo-Saxon world this would translate to a "B" or something.)

Another step to my Bachelor of Engineering reached.

Next time: Going through my stash of EVE Online screenshots again. Also something about implants, I think.

Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Mosaic Musings

So, Mosaic happened. Sadly, I was preoccupied with work and getting home in Elite: Dangerous from a month-long expedition into the galaxy, so I couldn't do much in EVE since the patch landed.

But what I'm hearing about the ongoing story seems neat, so I'm hoping I can put in some EVE-time next weekend.

At least I made some money in selling skin-licenses that got converted from my stash of skin-BPCs and skinned ship. Right now I'm thinking how to best sell the small pile of Confessor I've made before the patch. (The Confessor is one of the new T3-destroyers and in Mosaic, the material requirements for building them and the Svipul went up, so if you build them beforehand, you can get a few extra million ISK profit per unit sold.)

Should I wait, hoping for some slight increase in price when the ships over-build by industrials before the patch are churned through and production numbers are normal again? Or should I just dump it on the market now for an easy profit?

Decisions, decisions.